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    This year marks American Banker's 175th anniversary. To commemorate the milestone, we've dug into our archives to bring readers highlights from our coverage of pivotal moments in U.S. banking history. In addition to this series, look for our special 175th anniversary edition this fall.

    Family Trees of the Megabanks


    From Thompson's Bank Note Reporter

    Jan. 23 — Explanation of marks, &c.: A star (*) [means] that Thompson Bros. do not buy the notes.

    …See the advertisement of the Receiver of the Washington County Bank, R. I. This concern was shaped for a great swindle, and but for our starring the Bank last summer, the rascals would have succeeded… Large amounts of these notes are in the hands of parties (accomplices) who will try to work them off. Don't touch them. There were $700,000 of the notes of this Bank printed for circulation last summer. This was enough for us.

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