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Dissecting Discover's Suit Against Visa
November 26, 2014 Discover's lawsuit this week against Visa stems from years of practices that have their root in the Durbin amendment's...

Some Bankers See Apple Pay as a Threat
October 22, 2014 Even though Apple has more than 500 banks lined up to support Apple Pay, including heavyweights like Bank of America and...

Apple Pay 'Far Different' in Its Approach to Banks, USAA Says
October 21, 2014 Apple enters the mobile wallet world in a stronger position than most of its rivals, largely because it sought the support of...

Apple Enlists Hundreds of Banks Ahead of Apple Pay Launch
October 16, 2014 Apple, which launches its mobile wallet on Oct. 20, has convinced more than 500 banks to support Apple Pay by early next year.

Amex Using Apple Pay, OptBlue as 'Levers' to Grow
October 16, 2014 American Express Co. is pulling new levers to build its business with small merchants and drive mobile wallet adoption,...

Bank of America to Issue EMV-Chip Debit Cards
September 30, 2014 Bank of America plans to issue chip-based debit cards to customers next month, signaling a resolution of the long-standing...

Banks Remain Hesitant to Join the Bitcoin Movement
September 29, 2014 Banks will listen carefully to what regulators say next about virtual currency in the U.S., but in the meantime many financial...

Apple Makes Its Move in Mobile Payments
September 9, 2014 Apple has officially unveiled Apple Pay, a new mobile payment system in its upcoming line of smartphones, using a model that...

Apple's iCloud Scandal Problematic for iWallet
September 3, 2014 For Apple, the timing couldn't be worse to launch a mobile wallet.

JPM Rewards Program Axes Checks, Encouraging Credits
August 20, 2014 The paper check is being eliminated as a redemption option in JPMorgan Chase's rewards program as the issuer encourages...

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