Andrew Kahr

Andrew Kahr is a principal in Credit Builders LLC, a financial product development company, and was the founding chief executive of First Deposit, later known as Providian.

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Once-'Sticky' Bank Customers Are Coming Unstuck
March 11, 2013 In the past, it was tough for customers to change banks. So, we could charge them—and treat them—pretty much as we...

'Prepaid Card' = Checking Account
March 4, 2013 Characteristics of prepaid cards and checking accounts have converged. This will continue until they are simply different...

Never Mind CFPB – It's OCC and FHFA that Need Commissions
February 25, 2013 When a single official has very great power over a small number of firms such as the megabanks, the result too often is...

Missing from Banks: Sales Culture
February 19, 2013 Many banks have marketing savvy, but few effectively convert prospects into good customers. Gather sample data tracking your...

Want to Keep Your Bank Out of Trouble? Easy, Don't Lie
February 11, 2013 Most of the losses banks have caused and suffered could be greatly reduced or eliminated without relying on complex...

How to Compete Against the Oligopolies
February 4, 2013 Identify the megabanks' overpriced products and services, the customers they can't or won't serve. Use outside infrastructure...

'Customer Centric' Is an Empty Nostrum
January 28, 2013 Yes, an effective sales organization awakens customers to newly perceived needs. But it also markets the products that yield...

Stress Tests? Baloney
January 22, 2013 If you want to avoid catastrophic outcomes, don't rely on stress test models with hundreds of variables. Focus on finding the...

Bankers Can't Sell Insurance, But They Can Sell Protection
January 14, 2013 History shows banks can't compete with agents selling consumers insurance. But credit protection products have been highly...

New Year's Resolution: Rethink Your New Year's Resolutions
January 7, 2013 Make sure each of your bank's initiatives is explicitly designed to eliminate uncertainties as rapidly as possible so any...

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