Mark W. Olson

Mark W. Olson has served as a Federal Reserve Board governor, chairman of the PCAOB and chairman of the American Bankers Association. He currently serves as co-chairman of Treliant Risk Advisors LLC.

Recent Stories From this Author

History’s Lesson for Managing a Bank in a Zero Interest Rate Environment
November 12, 2012 The old concept of real interest rate return is virtually nonexistent. Banks face temptation to reach for extra yield by...

Bank Directors, It's Your Job to Worry About D&O Insurance
July 16, 2012 Directors and officers liability coverage is an unpopular topic of conversation at board meetings. But directors who shirk...

CFPB Stepping into Vigilante Territory
April 20, 2012 If the CFPB includes enforcement lawyers on compliance examinations it will turn prudential supervision on its head.

Dodd-Frank Immune to Rollback in an Election Year
January 20, 2012 The Cordray appointment may make bank compliance issues a focus of this year's presidential campaign. Bankers should not think...

M&A Wave Will Build for Strategic Buyers, Realistic Sellers
December 20, 2011 Acquisitions may or may not be immediately accretive to earnings. They may, however, improve long term viability. But gone are...

Challenges for Strategic Planning in the Year Ahead
November 16, 2011 Implementation of Dodd-Frank, new expectations for risk management, a flat yield curve, uncertainty stemming from unfilled...

Pricing Lattes Is a Lot Easier than Pricing Debit
October 12, 2011 When banks attempt to mark up the transaction involving a dollar, the fee for the service is stark. It stands out in a manner...

Downgrade Was a Statement on Stewardship, Not Capacity
August 23, 2011 The downgrade was a judgment on the stewardship, and not on the capacity of our federal government. That does not mean,...

Expect a CFPB Compromise
August 9, 2011 The two most notable differences between the CFPB and other regulatory bodies are the unusual and unprecedented funding...

Set Capital Levels That Won't Wipe Out Banks' Thin Profit Margins
July 12, 2011 Raising capital requirements too high will push banks to take greater risks or function as utilities.

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