Mike Baxter | Keynote & Featured Speakers | Retail Banking Conference

Mike Baxter

Partner and Head of Financial Services for the Americas

Bain & Company

•24 years advisory experience working with banking and other financial services clients
•Primary focus on retail and commercial banking, with additional extensive experience in Wealth Management, investments and life/pensions in North and South America and Europe
•Recent experience includes:
-Leading a customer-experience transformation for a large US multi-line financial services player
-Developed a payments performance improvement plan for a leading North American bank
-Developed a commercial banking ‘break-out’ strategy and action pilots for a US Regional banking player
-Designed wealth management product and distribution strategy for European leg of a North American player
-Retail customer proposition development for a leading global Retail bank
-Sales force effectiveness for SME/SOHO for a European Bank
-Deposit/lending/proposition strategies for a UK bank
-Retail banking turnaround programs for multiple European banks during the global financial crisis
-Risk and Capital management strategies and organization for multiple European and American banks
•Co-Leader of Bain’s global Retail Bank of the Future initiative, spanning 60 leading global banks
•Extensive experience in corporate strategy, organization change, corporate goals and targets, shareholder value management
•Expert in Bain’s Risk and Capital management banking practice