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Banks' Warehouse Loans Play Big Role in CLO Resurgence
August 11, 2014 Warehouse financing is back, and it's one of the drivers of the resurgence in collateralized loan obligations. Banks are more...

Court Rulings Could Rattle Resale Provisions
June 16, 2014 A federal district court in Washington upheld another ruling disallowing three hedge funds controlling portions of a defaulted...

Credit Bidding Under Attack — Again
May 29, 2014 Legal experts are becoming increasingly concerned that federal judges are questioning the right of a lender of secondary...

P2P Lending: 2B or Not 2B?
February 24, 2014 Though still a microscopic part of the estimated $11 trillion consumer lending market, peer-to-peer lending is going to matter...

Lender Blacklists Gain Traction in Leveraged-Loan Deals
February 19, 2014 Companies want to avoid borrowing from inflexible hedge funds and banks that conduct business with competitors.

Give Borrowers A Payoff Nudge
January 2, 2014 Revolving loan balances fell for a fourth straight month in September. Delinquencies shrunk last year. Personal bankruptcies...

Is Your Second-Lien Position Really Second?
November 26, 2013 It's a hot year for second-lien loans, which are already at $28 billion. But they may be "second" in name only for claims in...

Lifetime Achievement Honoree: BOK's Stanley Lybarger
November 20, 2013 From his participation in economic development plans to personally recruiting construction funds and sponsorships for the BOK...

Trading of Leveraged Loans in Secondary Markets Nears Record
November 18, 2013 The surge in collateralized loan obligations, rising interest rates and other factors drove trading in leveraged loans to $391...

A Refi Wave That's Alive and Well: Syndicated Loan Amendments
November 8, 2013 As traditional loan refinancing slows, corporate borrowers around the world are flexing their muscles to reduce pricing on...

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