Dave Martin

EVP, Chief Development Officer

Dave Martin is Executive Vice President / Chief Development Officer with Financial Supermarkets, Inc. (FSI), the industry’s leading provider of training, consulting, design, and construction for in-store and alternative branches.  Dave has trained and consulted on-site with over 200 banks in 46 states and Canada over the past 20 years.  Dave’s unique perspectives have made him a popular presenter with both traditional and in-store branch teams.  He currently writes the longest continually published monthly column in American Banker, as well as a bi-weekly sales and service motivation letter entitled The In-Store Advantage. 

Prior to returning to FSI, Dave was EVP/Chief Training Consultant for NCBS, a SunTrust Bank subsidiary.  Dave’s previous experiences include EVP / Director of In-Store Banking for First National Bank Texas, managing at that time the largest Wal-Mart in-store banking program in the United States. 

Dave has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and an MBA from Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana.  Dave, his wife Cindy, and sons Jessy and Abraham reside in Sugar Land, Texas.

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