John Pyrovolakis


John Pyrovolakis is the founder and CEO of the Innovation Accelerator Initiative, a public-private partnership with the National Science Foundation. Over 170 Nobel Prizes trace back to NSF funding. The Innovation Accelerator’s vision is to promote our nation’s economic competitive advantage in the global economy by promoting our nation’s innovation. The Innovation Accelerator is well connected in several governmental agencies, fortune 500 companies, our nation’s best universities, and our nation’s top innovators. Mr. Pyrovolakis is a triple major in math, computer science, and philosophy out of NYU, where he won the school writing competition and was the first undergraduate teaching assistant in mathematic logic. From there, Mr. Pyrovolakis went to MIT for a PhD in Linguistics and Philosophy. While at MIT, Mr. Pyrovolakis did work at the Laboratory for Computer Science in automated theorem proving, and was a teaching fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysics lab, where he won the Derek Bok prize for teaching excellence. Mr. Pyrovolakis is a judge at the MIT Entrepreneurship Competition, as well as Columbia University's and Stonybrook University's. Mr. Pyrovolakis has also served as a reviewer, and served on the “Committee of Visitors” for the National Science Foundation’s small business innovation program. Mr. Pyrovolakis has lectured at the MIT Sloan School and Columbia University on entrepreneurship and innovation.

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