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Mark Doman

EVP, Business Development


Mark joined eBureau in the fall of 2004, bringing with him over 20 years of risk management, accounts receivable management, credit and finance expertise. Mark has held several senior executive positions during his career, helping found and develop successful risk management businesses.

Prior to eBureau Mark joined RiskWise in 1996, co-founded PeopleWise and helped all of the RiskWise organizations with strategy, business development, strategic alliances, product, sales and marketing. He held senior sales and product roles with RiskWise and LexisNexis from 2000 through May of 2004. During this time, Mark also provided strategic advice and guidance related to mergers and acquisitions.

Previously, Mark spent 13 years with Mid-Continent Agencies where he held Vice President roles in operations, product development, sales and marketing for this credit and accounts receivable management services company.