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Michael M. Carter



Michael M. Carter is the CEO and President of BizEquity, the first patented and leading online business valuation service. BizEquity was created to democratize and provide better access to business financial knowledge for the Global 200 million SMEs. Michael was formerly Managing Director of The Musser Group, where he worked with entrepreneurs to help finance, structure and grow companies along with legendary venture capitalist Warren V. "Pete" Musser the  founder investor behind Comcast; QVC; and Novell. In his career so far, Michael has assisted in raising more than $300 million in capital as an executive or founder of technology companies. He has been affiliated with and has helped to create over $2 billion dollars in shareholder equity or value. Michael has founded three technology companies and served as an executive officer of a billion dollar publicly traded technology services firm. He began his career in Management Consulting at Cambridge Technology Partners where he helped leading Global 2000 organizations embrace technology to enhance outcomes. Michael is on the board of the Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education Center; on the board of Daleco Resources a clean energy and concern; and is the founder of Entrepreneurs Management Group.