Nick Miller


Nick Miller helps commercial banks and credit unions generate more profitable relationships, faster, with small and medium-sized companies, their owners, and employees.

He works with branch, field sales, and call center sales team members focusing on client acquisition, relationship development, and retention through sales process and sales execution, positioning, and expertise.  

During the past 30 years,  Nick has consulted with community, regional, and money center banks in the US, Canada, and Mexico on sales strategy implementation, value propositions, sales process, customer experience, and staff development. He has MC’d Source Media’s  Small Business Banking Conference for six years. His “Weekly Sales Thought” column circulates globally and his articles have  been published or quoted in journals including, BAI Banking Strategies, Sales & Marketing Management, Commercial Lending Review, The RMA Journal, and American Banker.    See his videos and articles at Clarity’s web site,

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