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Felix Salmon

Why clearXchange Is Great for Payments
ClearXchange is a clear competitor to the likes of PayPal and Popmoney, but it’s not an existential threat to those companies. Instead, the reason I like it is just that it brings peer-to-peer payments where they belong, to the level of the bank account. And it’s likely to set a new benchmark of $0.00 for the cost that consumers pay for such payments.

Thoughts on the Future of Finance

  • Welcome to Bitcoin Island
    posted on March 29, 2014
    Forget currencies and commodities... perhaps the right analogy for Bitcoin is LAND! Oleg Andreev posted an insightful tweet the other day: Bitcoin is not a protocol of transfer, but a protocol of ownership. Coins never travel, but simply switch owners.— Oleg Andreev (@oleganza) March 20, 2014 You could argue this is a trivial observation: how […]
  • How I explain Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies to new audiences
    posted on March 27, 2014
    I've given several informal talks on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies recently - mostly to mixed audiences of finance and tech professionals, with varying levels of knowledge about Bitcoin.    I've found that the structure below has been working well to so I thought I'd share it in case it helps others explain it to their clients, colleagues […]

HR Sagacity

Capital and Prudential Standards Blog

  • Summary of Basel Committee's Final Large Exposures Framework
    posted on April 15, 2014

    Following is a summary of the Basel Committee's final framework for measuring, reporting and limiting a bank's exposures to single counterparties and groups of connected counterparties. The large exposures framework, which relies on a number of concepts in the Basel Committee's risk-based capital framework, is intended to ensure greater international consistency in regulatory and supervisory approaches to large exposures and to act as a backstop to risk-based capital requirements.

    Blackline Showing Changes: Davis Polk's blackline of the Basel Committee's April 2014 final vs.…  Read More

  • Basel Committee's Final Capital Standards for Bank Exposures to Central Counterparties (CCPs)
    posted on April 10, 2014

    [Update:  We have prepared a blackline (available here) of the April 2014 final standards vs. the July 2012 interim standards.]  The Basel Committee has finalized its risk-based capital standards for bank exposures to central counterparties (CCPs).  The final standards will take effect on January 1, 2017. The interim standards that were published in July 2012 will continue to apply until that time.

    Like the interim standards, the final standards distinguish between trade exposures and default fund exposures to CCPs and distinguish between exposures to qualifying CCPs (QCCPs) and non-QCCPs. …  Read More

The Financial Brand

The National Bank Examiner

  • posted on March 31, 2014

  • posted on March 9, 2014

Nick Dunbar

  • The Mismeasure of Finance
    posted on March 3, 2014
    Britain's finance industry is believed to be so vital to our interests that the UK government has apparently ruled out denying the Russians access to it. Being beholden to this sacred cow makes people uneasy, for example Sir Howard Davies, who published a comment article last week where he warned about the damaging impact of unrestricted […]
  • Disruptive Business Models, Uber and Plane Crashes
    posted on January 30, 2014
    Disruptive internet-based business models have upended traditional industries like recorded music, newspapers and retailing. The latest flurry of innovation involves start-ups that take a service traditionally provided by a regulated firm - such as a hotel or taxi company – transforming it into commission-paying transactions between buyers and sellers. Accessed via smartphone apps and 'regulated' […]


  • VC for the people
    posted on April 16, 2014
    Oddly (very oddly), I found myself last week at the INET Economics conference in Toronto. Larry Summers was the final speaker. His presentation was excellent. Whatever I might object to in Summers’ history or politics, he’s brought to the mainstream a set of views I’ve long held, and he is an engaging, cogent presenter. I […]
  • "Incentives to produce" are incentives to rig the game
    posted on March 28, 2014
    That’s obvious, right? But let’s belabor the point. All too often in discussions about the vast dispersion of circumstance we call “inequality”, people concede a kind of trade-off. Yes, reducing rewards to those at the top of the wealth/income distribution might blunt their incentives to produce. But the cost of that might be offset by […]

Tomorrow's Transactions

The D&O Diary

  • Liability Exposures of Audit Committee Chairs
    posted on April 18, 2014
    One frequently asked question is whether members of a corporate board's audit committee face heightened liability exposures. Two recent SEC enforcement actions seem to underscore that audit committee chairs do face liability exposures. Though both cases involve somewhat unusual circumstances, they seem to suggest that the "gatekeepers" on which SEC has said it will be … Continue Reading
  • Guest Post: Social Media and D&O Liability Exposures
    posted on April 17, 2014
    Earlier this week I published a post on this site about the employment practices liability exposures that the social media may present for employers. After seeing my post, D&O maven Dan Bailey of the Bailey Cavalieri law firm send me a note pointing out that the social media also present D&O liability exposures for companies … Continue Reading

Bank Talk

Deus Ex Macchiato

  • Sorry folks
    posted on March 26, 2014
    I’m horrendously busy, and unlikely to be blogging for some weeks. Normal service might be resumed by mid-April, but more likely there will be fewer but hopefully longer posts. Happy Easter
  • Practising Stalinism and the Regulatory Paradigm
    posted on March 16, 2014
    No, this isn’t a ‘call it Stalinist when you want to trash it’ post. Rather, it’s about thoughts stimulated by reading Sheila Fitzpatrick’s review of J. Arch Getty’s Practising Stalinism: Bolsheviks, Boyars and the Persistence of Tradition in the LRB. Fitzpatrick gives us an insight into Getty’s view of how Russians in the 70s and […]

ISDA Media Comment

  • Beware Blaming Bad Bond Bets!
    posted on February 25, 2014
    The debate about speculation vs. investment has gone on at least since the Sumerians traded wine forwards five or six millennia ago. More recently - five or six decades ago -  one of our most famous value investors put it this … Continue reading
  • See How They Run
    posted on February 24, 2014
    Are financial regulators still flying blind when it comes to derivatives exposures? It depends on who you ask. On the one hand, there's the Financial Stability Board's paper - OTC Derivatives Market Reform: Sixth Progress Report on Implementation. It states … Continue reading

Portals and Rails

  • Danger Ahead! ATM Cash-Outs
    posted on April 14, 2014
    The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) issued a warning in April to financial institutions about criminals continuing to launch attacks against ATM and web-based card management systems, especially those of small- to medium-size financial institutions (FI). Dubbed "unlimited operation"...
  • Learning from Experience to Handle Suspicious Payment Transactions
    posted on April 7, 2014
    In a post earlier this year, we addressed the difficulty of identifying and tracking remotely created checks (RCCs) in the payments stream. Electronic payment orders (EPOs), which are electronic images of "checks" that never exist in paper form, are another...

Bank Lawyer's Blog

  • When Curry Speaks, All Banks Should Listen
    posted on April 17, 2014
    The Comptroller of the Currency Thomas Curry gave a speech the other day (paid subscription required), and emphasized a couple of points that vendor management folks at financial institutions with various charters--state and federal, bank and credit union--and the lawyers...
  • Shaming The Shameless
    posted on April 15, 2014
    Venable LLP's Randy Shaheen and Amy Mudge might just be prime candidates for guest posts on Bank Lawyer's Blog. A recent "All About Advertising Law" post launched a snark attack that made this blogger proud. The victim was every banker's...

The Bankwatch

  • Breaking Banks-new bank explosion coming
    posted on April 18, 2014
    As reported in "This is Money" the Financial Conduct Authority has confirmed 29 firms have applied for authorisation to become banks in the UK including authority to offer current accounts, with Tesco, Virgin and Metro named.  Others mentioned in this indepth piece are FaceBooks plans for banking in Ireland. Worth the read. Filed under: Uncategorized
  • A great description of transformative payments | David Marcus
    posted on April 18, 2014
    This is one of the clearest posts I have seen describing next generation payment experience.  The emphasis on the word experience.  Payments shifted from something that interrupts and makes you line up and wait, to something that simply happens in the background; in particular with the BLE example described in this extract. Three Trends That […]

Celent Banking Blog

  • Would You Go Shopping To Your Bank?
    posted on April 17, 2014
    This week I saw the news that Bank Zachodni WBK in Poland, part of the Santander Group, “embedded an extensive m-commerce marketplace into its mobile banking & payment application.” The users can log into their mobile banking app, and from there shop at a variety of merchants embedded in the application. According to the announcement, […]
  • What does Digital mean to you?
    posted on April 15, 2014
    Celent held a client roundtable on the subject of “Digital.” We had a sneaking suspicion that there wasn't a lot of consensus on what that word actually means, so just prior to the event we asked participants "to list three words or initiatives that you associate with digital in your organization.” Here’s what we found: […]


  • Just Punch My Bankruptcy Ticket
    posted on April 18, 2014
    That's the title of Denver Law Professor Michael Sousa's new article exploring debtors' evaluations of the pre-filing credit counseling course and the post-filing financial management course mandated by BAPCPA. The data for the article came from in-depth interviews that Sousa...
  • In Memory of Leonard M. Rosen
    posted on April 17, 2014
    As family, friends, and colleagues mourn the passing of the Leonard Rosen, the fitting tribute by Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz allows a glimpse into his exceptional contributions: But above all, Leonard was a good man. A generous man. A...

CU Soapbox

  • Love, e-Merican Style!
    posted on April 18, 2014
    by Ron Daly Ahh, love. There's nothing like it in the world. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy goes online to find a new girl, boy meets girl online, boy marries girl online, boy decides it was a doomed...
  • From Now On, I'm Paying for Everything with Snow Tires.
    posted on April 8, 2014
    by Ron Daly I was browsing through when I came across this story about a young man (or woman?) who is using GameStop as his bank. He buys video games in advance of their release with his paycheck, sells...


Inside the Underbanked

  • Diverse Perspectives
    posted on April 17, 2014
    I go to more conferences than are good for me.  And if you're like me, you don't attend many sessions, and you meet with the same cast of characters.  I have two suggestions on breaking those rules.  If you read this blog, I'd argue there are two must-do conference on your calendar: Money2020 (in October) […]
  • Who is the most innovative of them all?
    posted on April 8, 2014
    For the fourth year running, our fund will sponsor the Core Innovators Challenge in June at CFSI and the American Banker's renamed Emerge Forum (formerly the Underbanked Financial Services Forum).  Hurry, before April 14! Once again we are seeking nominations from companies small and large for who offers the best, most creative, most consumer friendly […]

Javelin Strategy & Research

Liberty Street Economics


  • Announcing the Full Presenting Lineup for FinovateSpring 2014!
    posted on April 16, 2014
    FinovateSpring 2014 is less than two weeks away, and the excitement is building! More and more tickets are selling with every passing hour and on April 29 & 30, we're expecting to break Finovate's attendance record for the second year...
  • Mobile PFM: Tracking Automobile Trips
    posted on April 14, 2014
    Last week, MileIQ cracked the top-50 in Apple's "Finance | Free" category. Think of it as Fitbit for cars, running in the background automatically logging all car trips (and killing battery life).  At the end of each trip, users categorize...

Zoot Blog

  • The Disruptive Potential of Personalization in Banking
    posted on April 11, 2014

    At the recent CBA Live conference in Washington D.C., the attendees were treated to a keynote session that featured five thought leaders making the case for five different forces that they believed would fundamentally disrupt banking--everything from Bitcoin to the rise of millennials.

    This 'Disruption Smackdown' was interesting (and very entertaining), but it failed to … Continue reading →

  • To EMV or not to EMV...Will Alternative Payments Take Precedence?
    posted on April 3, 2014

    In the past few months the already-hot payments industry has been put in an unfavorable spotlight.  Because of the magnitude of the recent data breaches at several major retailers the payments industry has been forced to take a more serious look at updating antiquated card technology. The push for EMV is going full tilt, but … Continue reading →


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