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Avidia Bank Creates iPad-Ready Newsletters

Bank Technology News  |  May, 2011

The big news for Avidia Bank’s business banking newsletter is the newsletter itself -- starting this month the bank’s shedding ink and paper for an automated version of the marketing-oriented publication it distributes to small to medium sized business clients.

"A typical business owner doesn’t have the time to read a printed page newsletter," says Ken Simms, svp of marketing for Avidia.

The $1 billion-asset bank based in Hudson, Mass. is changing its quarterly internal print product to a monthly electronic newsletter, hosted by IMN’s Saas-enabled publishing system.

To produce the newsletter, the bank will log in to IMN’s system, upload the bank’s file of about 2,500 subscribers, and access an IMN library to select editorial content.

Avidia will also produce its own content, which can be uploaded into a customizable template and configured by IMN for PC, tablet or mobile phone viewing. Articles can also be posted by readers and shared via social media sites. The bank can additionally perform a deeper analysis of who’s reading articles—and for how long—than is possible via print distribution.

"We have a small marketing department, so anything we can do to make our time more productive is a help," Simms says.

IMN, whose financial services clients also include Watertown Savings Bank, charges a subscription fee based on the size of the readership. Avidia would not disclose pricing, but it hopes to save on the paper, ink, distribution and internal labor costs associated with producing a print product.   

IMN is part of a growing tech category that supplies email, mobile and social media-distributed marketing and on-demand content to companies. Another vendor in this space, Responsys, has several financial services clients including Bank of the West, MetLife, and eBank.