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The digital revolution has reshaped how retail banks market and sell. From branches to social media, the telephone to tablets, consumers and small businesses expect seamless service and consistent capability—challenging channel silos to deliver a unified experience. And digital marketing options like social, search, targeted online messaging and email marketing are growing fast, taking budget away from traditional bank marketing choices like print, drive time radio and direct mail. Optimizing channels and marketing investments makes integrated planning, budgeting and execution a requirement.

Hear how three banks in different stages of the transformation are addressing the challenge of integrated marketing. Learn:

• A framework to successfully apply integrated marketing for better initiative prioritization, budget optimization and improved results • A step-by-step approach to making omnichannel banking a reality by integrating digital and traditional sales channels • A case study of a successful program with a 3-year history of integrating digital and non-digital channels to drive cross-sell and activation

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