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A Letter from the Conference Co-Chairs

A Message from Your Co-Chairs

Dear Colleague,

Will we remember 2013 as the year of Big Data and Analytics? Well, maybe, but what I do know is that those banks and credit unions who use analytics effectively will be smarter, faster, and have happier customers than the rest of the pack.

The U.S. banking industry has a choice, and this choice is facing every one of you. We can continue doing business as usual, with customers who, at best, are mildly dissatisfied with us and our industry. Or we can take advantage of the analytic tools and data that are available now, and do better. We can use data and analytics to improve cross-selling effectiveness, make real-time offers, improve risk profiling, and manage our businesses better.

At Banking Analytics, we’ll take a deep dive into how analytics can be applied to today’s problems in marketing and risk management. Recognizing that analytics and data management are transforming both how we sell to customers and how we manage risk, we’ll have two session tracks. One track will focus on best practices in marketing and analytics, the other will shine a spotlight on risk management. We’ll be bringing in banks, credit unions and solution providers to discuss the problems they face, and the creative ways real institutions are solving these problems today.

We are excited about the topics we’re going to cover and the people lined up to attend, we’d love to see you there, too.

Penny Crosman

Penny Crosman
Editor in Chief
Bank Technology News

Jeanne Capachin
Senior Consultant
Graber Associates