Dear Colleague,

Never has so much data been available about so many people from a growing array of sources. Yet the financial services industry still has much to learn about turning all that data about individuals, behaviors, preferences, businesses, transactions and trends into better decisions and added value to customer interactions.

• How can sense be made of data gathered from existing and emerging channels?

• How can data be applied to create a personalized, efficient, relevant and helpful banking experience for customers?

• What's the best way to use new data streams coming from mobile payment apps?

• What are the right uses of data from the Internet of Things?

• What are the appropriate uses of geolocation data?

• How can decisions about products, pricing, underwriting, budgets, fraud, security, risk, compliance and hiring be improved with analytics? How can consumers' rights to privacy, security and fairness be preserved through all of this?

These are some of the questions we'll be exploring at the Banking Analytics Symposium in Boston in October. We look forward to seeing you there!

Penny Crosman

Penny Crosman
Conference Chair and
Editor in Chief
Bank Technology News