Dear Colleague:

Our Mobile Banking and Commerce Summit is now the Digital Banking Summit. At a time when the branch is diminishing as a customer touch point while online and mobile channels have become the preferred ways consumers interact with their banks, it's clear we can't talk only about how to create an app for the latest mobile gadget.

With fast-moving startups and non-bank companies using digital channels as their primary way of reaching customers—sometimes yours—it's clear that banks need a digital strategy. You need a plan to retain and acquire customers with state-of-the-art mobile and online offerings and jump on related emerging technologies like real-time customer analytics, voice recognition and new wearable devices, to stay relevant and competitive.

And if you're like most retail banks, you're perfecting your approach to the "omnichannel"—a seamless experience for customers across the web, smartphone apps, tablet apps, branches, call centers and ATMs.

Please take this opportunity to mark the Digital Banking Summit on your calendar. It's being held June 2-4 in Los Angeles. Your peers and competitors will be there, hearing about and comparing notes on the latest initiatives at banks and non-banks. It's a great place to learn and network.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Penny Crosman
Bank Technology News