Here's what some speakers are talking about

'The Quantified Life'—a picture of how information derived from digital devices can change lives.
Chris Dancy, is known as the most connected human on Earth. He's connected to a myriad of devices and apps measuring everything from his food intake and the money he spends. Find out how digital information can transform your customer's lives.

Omnichannel Integration—the fusion of complementary physical and digital options.
Wells Fargo is leading the charge in developing omnichannel experiences, and Brett Pitts, head of product, Wells Fargo Digital Channels will talk about how the bank's innovations give customers a seamless experience across channels, much like Amazon does, through an integrated fusion of complementary physical and digital options.

Security and ID protection—don’t get scared. Get secure.
Guarding the Customer in the Digital Age will cover what diligence needs to take place, and where should energy and resources be directed. Just as technology has let the bad guys in, it also allows the good guys to protect.
Panelists: Andrew Hoog, Co-Founder, ViaForensics and Guy Stewart, Principal, Qualcomm

The Future of e-Commerce—location awareness, voice biometrics + more
U.S. Bank has been innovating in payments and e-commerce, imaging, location awareness, voice biometrics and brokerage. Niti Badaranith, head of mobile banking & digital money movement at U.S. Bank will touch on these, with a special emphasis on payments and ecommerce.

The vision of our digital financial services future...
Hadley Stern is part of Fidelity Labs, a group which has helped investors benefit from transformative technologies like mobile computing and social media and now, it hopes to do the same with Google Glass. The group is participating in a Google early developer program, and is working with a prototype of Google Glass to better understand the technology and how it may benefit its customers and other affiliated Fidelity companies.

Hear the latest in mobile banking, online, ecommerce, mobile payments and even wearable computing.


A mix of case studies and panel discussions featuring experts on everything from tablet banking to customer security will enlighten more than 500 attendees in the audience. Executives who are heads of digital strategy, mobile banking, online banking as well as alternative banking channels and emerging payments attend the event annually. And tech developers pushing the boundaries of innovation are there to demonstrate their wares.

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