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Submission Deadline: August 19, 2015

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Indicate the educational track(s) you wish to submit your abstract/concept. You may choose multiple tracks.

  • Business Use Case: Highlight the value, operational efficiencies and/or compliance benefits for consumers, businesses and government agencies using electronic signature and records. Suggested industries: Education; Financial Services; Healthcare; HR; Insurance; Real Estate / Mortgage; Small Business; etc.
  • Consumer Engagement: Discuss how electronic processes encourage increased consumer participation and adoption.
  • Identity / Authentication: Review the critical role of identity credentials and authentication in electronic processes.
  • International: Examine the latest efforts involving various global stakeholders and international standardization activities.
  • Legal / Compliance: Review new developments, regulatory updates, and key elements of state and federal laws.
  • Tech Development: Dive into the technical topics of the day that are advancing the applications of electronic processes.

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  • Individual presentation
  • Panel presentation

Please list the speaker for this session. List the speaker, and the institution with which that speaker is affiliated (e.g. company or nonprofit organization name, government agency and department, etc.). If you are a speaker on this panel, please be sure to list yourself and your affiliation.

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