Dear Colleague:

Nick Miller

Nick Miller
Clarity Advantage

Call me crazy and… what do you think our small business banking  raison d'etre will be  three years from now in an open-access, do it yourself world?  

Access will be central to everything. This year, we’ll focus on three flavors of access:

  • Small business owners’ access to capital (through banks, credit card companies, and a wide variety of non-bank lenders) has never been greater. Non-bank lenders value propositions (speed, appetite for a broader risk spectrum) are very attractive. Featured speakers and concurrent sessions will address today’s small business credit needs and access-increasing strategies to win their business.
  • Our small business clients increasingly expect access to bank products and people at the same low-friction level they’ve experienced with other retailers and financial services providers.  We’ll focus on channels, products, and technology that enable bank customers to gain access to financial services or draw information or services or products from banks and other providers more or less on demand.
  • And, to stay close to our clients, banks need better access to clients.  We’ll look at banks’ efforts to gain insight and access to customers and to attract customers through big data and analytics, GPS-sensitivity,  social media, content marketing, and mobility.

And, what better place to delve deep  than our Country Music Capital City, Nashville, where we’ll have access to some of the best music and food on the planet. The vendor hall will feature familiar faces and new ones and more than the usual cheese, cracker, and crudités.

Tune up your twelve-strings and dedicate the dates – November 16 – 18.


Nick Miller
President, Clarity Advantage