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Small Business Banking Updates

2014 Chairman’s Letter – Get Smart!

Dear Colleague,

Lots of changes in a year’s time. “P to P” is expanding, “B to B” is fragmenting, “digital” has become more than a device, and Get Smart (our conference theme) will be more than re-run, from look-and-feel to content.

General session speakers and concurrent sessions will address:

  • Data - The main point of digital is to drive profit out of finance. So, we’ll look at “big data” – what value proposition can banks create from it? – and what it means to go digital, beyond devices, to seamless and intuitive ways of living and managing payments where concepts like proactive, predictive, and present (rather than ‘convenient’) represent power.
  • Distribution – Now that we’ve chased customers out of branches and away from bankers to reduce costs, it turns out, they LIKE that so much that they’re using technology to by-pass and avoid dealing with the bank completely. Now what? We’ll look anew at distribution systems, devices, and demographics.
  • Dollars – While we’re waiting for real loan demand (beyond stealing each other's assets), we’ll continue exploration of non-bank financing sources, credit risk, portfolio management, and fulfillment efficiencies.

Panels and presentations will include a view of small business banking outside the U.S.; adapting small business banking strategy to reflect the evolving environment; branch sales productivity; changes in marketing to increasingly self-sufficient business owners; perspective about the economy; and views about what products business owners will pay for and how we encourage that behavior.

The vendor hall will feature familiar faces and new ones and more than the usual cheese, cracker, and crudités.

Looking forward to seeing you at the conference,

Nick Miller
Nick Miller
President, Clarity Advantage
Conference Chairman