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Headlines for November 30, 2016

Bank of the Year: USAA

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Mnuchin Pick for Treasury May Signal Moderate Approach to Reform

A Customer Data Bunker that Could Survive Catastrophe

Fintech Competition Is Making Us Better: Bank CEOs

Everything Looks Good in FDIC Report Card, Except ...

Allison Calls for Cutting Deposit Insurance Levels

Leading Merchant Cash Advance Provider Replaces Its CEO

Commerce Pick Wilbur Ross: Bank Flipper, Critic of U.S. Regulators

Loss of Regulatory Appetite Is Not Limited to U.S.

IRS Quest for Coinbase Data Sets Dangerous Precedent

Citi Names Vanessa Colella Innovation Chief, Head of Citi Ventures

First Bancorp in Maine Buys Back Tarp-Era Warrants

House Nears Vote on Bill to Overhaul SIFI Designations of Banks

Gruenberg Intends to Serve Out Term in Trump Administration

BNY Mellon Forms Group to Explore Payments Tech

EverBank's Largest Investor Cashes Out

Citi's Newest Mobile Upgrade: Tracking Replacement Cards

Opus in Calif. Continues to Beef Up Credit Ranks

In this episode of Breaking Banks: American Banker's Innovator of the Year, John Hope Bryant of Operation Hope; Richard Brown and Charley Cooper of the blockchain consortium R3; and Ravi Srinivasan, who describes India's drastic move to stamp out cash.