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The Week in Security

Stuck on PIN Stuck on PIN

Some banks are offering EMV chip cards without a PIN, but major merchants demand the extra security a PIN provides. Home Depot said that without a PIN, it might make better business sense to avoid upgrading its terminals for EMV acceptance and instead accept the extra cost of liability. (Image: ThinkStock)

Security Cocktail Security Cocktail

JPMorgan Chase calls its layered approach to authentication a 'security cocktail,' and the next ingredients could be fingerprint and voice biometrics. (Image: ThinkStock)

Forgetful? Forgetful?

BECU members who forget their passwords can now use technology called Access Assistant to regain access to their accounts. Automating this process gives BECU employees more time to work with members on financial matters. (Image: ThinkStock)

Unlisted Unlisted

Global Payments is facing further fallout for the data breach it disclosed last month. MasterCard removed the company from its list of approved service vendors. Visa removed Global Payments from a similar list last month. (Image: ThinkStock)

Apple Under Attack Apple Under Attack

There's yet another malicious program targeting Apple computers. This one relies on a vulnerability in Microsoft Office that was patched three years ago — and it won't work on the current version of the Mac operating system — but it's yet another indication that hackers are taking a shine to Apple's customers. (Image: ThinkStock)

Long Haul Long Haul

Three suspected ATM thieves took the stolen machine for a long ride before finally cracking it open. The ATM, which was stolen from a Chicago parking garage, was found 19 miles away and completely empty. (Image: ThinkStock)

Taking the Plunge Taking the Plunge

What's the best way to unclog your cash flow and drain a bank of cash? A toilet plunger, perhaps. It was the weapon of choice for a robbery suspect accused of trying to hold up three banks. (Image: ThinkStock)

'Security cocktails' enter the mix and merchants cling to PIN in the major security stories of the week through May 4.