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Jamie Dimon
"We're getting killed in mortgages if you haven't noticed."

JPMorgan Chase's Chairman and CEO, discussing year-end results for 2011 with analysts during the bank's first conference call of 2012.


Lael Brainerd
"[B]anks have built thicker capital cushions and better liquidity buffers since our financial crisis, but our banking system still has material exposure to the core of Europe that could of course be impacted."

Treasury Department's under secretary for international affairs on the potential effects of the European debt crisis


Brian Moynihan
"This thing is healing. It will be slow, let's not kid ourselves, but it is healing."

Bank of America's CEO, on the mortgage market


Richard Davis
"The country's business community is much stronger than people think … We just need that tragger event and I don't see it in the near term, but surely it will happen because it is a cycle."

U.S. Bancorp's Chairman and CEO on his economic outlook after the first quarter

Robert Wilmers
"Because the Wall Street juggernaut has tarnished the reputation of banking as a whole, it is difficult if not impossible for bankers—who once were viewed as thoughtful stewards of the economy—to plausibly play a leadership role today."

Chairman and CEO, M&T Bank Corp.


Dan O'Malley
"It's such a knife fight to acquire customers right now."

CEO of the online banking startup PerkStreet, speaking about credit card issuers


John Owen
"It's going to be very hard for any of us to serve the underserved if you don't have a loan product. … There's a huge need for liquidity."

Regions Financial's head of business lines, defending his company's payday lending business


Bart Chilton
"Do we need Dodd-Frank? That's a clown question, bro."

Democratic member of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, using a phrase popularized by Washington Nationals rookie outfielder Bryce Harper


Corey Coughlin
"The feeling we get, frankly, is the FDIC is quite disappointed that we survived. You'd think the regulators are working on some kind of unofficial law that they must reduce the number of banks."

President and CEO of the $70 million-asset ProFinancial Holdings in Tallahassee, Fla., on its rocky regulatory relationship despite a recapitalization and management shakeup


Steve Clinton
"[B]anks have built thicker capital cushions and better liquidity buffers since our financial crisis, but our banking system still has material exposure to the core of Europe that could of course be impacted."

President of Capital Market Securities, after representing a small Wisconsin bank that broke itself in two and sold each piece to a different buyer


Malcolm Jones
"Regulators are pushing for capital at every turn you make, and I'm not sure where the end is."

CEO of the $719 million-asset Florida Capital Group in Jacksonville, saying he doesn't think the $33.5 million it raised this year will be enough to meet Basel III standards

Sallie Krawcheck
"[It's] like watching an alumni basketball game. It's very entertaining, very competitive, and the score doesn't matter at all."

Former Bank of America executive on watching retired CEOs like Sandy Weill and Phil Purcell debating whether to reinstate Glass-Steagall

Nancy Bush
"This is a clear and unambiguous signal that the era of crisis has passed and that we have moved into an era that will prize operational skills over strategic ‘vision,' and we can all thank God for that."

Bank analyst at NAB Research, on the ouster of Citigroup ‘s Vikram Pandit


Matt Zames
"The goal is that your screwups are flesh wounds and not mortal wounds. This was a flesh wound."

JPMorgan Chase's co–chief operating officer, on the company's multibillion-dollar loss from the London Whale incident

Paul Krugman
"The limits of their power have been cruelly exposed, and the reelected president now owes them nothing."

Economist and columnist, on Wall Streeters who supported Mitt Romney's failed campaign

Elizabeth Warren
"You did this for every family that has been squeezed and hammered. … To all the small-business owners who are tired of a system rigged against them, we're going to hold the big guys accountable."

Senator-elect from Massachusetts to supporters at her victory party in Boston




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