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During a discussion Monday about the impact of technology on the financial sector, tech executives argued that banks are inefficient because they are paying six-figure salaries to employees whose jobs can be computerized.

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A group of employees recently formed an organization designed to help the North Carolina company increase its appeal with Asian workers and customers.

Pressure is building on financial services providers to develop more merchant-centric loyalty programs to fight declining interchange revenue, and U.S. Bank is testing one approach in Lawrence, Kan.
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CIT's bread-and-butter business — commercial banking — weakened as it embarks on a broader turnaround plan. Soft demand from midsize companies plagued it and other lenders last quarter. Will that problem continue the rest of the year?

Green Bancorp's surprise decision to purge all of its oil credits comes at a time when other banks have been gradually paring back exposure.

Big banks began ceding market share to midsize and small subprime auto lenders, who they said were taking too many risks. Now prominent midsize player Santander Consumer is putting on the brakes and complaining about small, overly daring rivals. How bad a sign is that?

Bank of New York Mellon and Northern Trust are charging money market investors more fees after previously cutting them major breaks in the low-rate environment.

At the bank's annual meeting, a gadfly's resolution that would have forced the bank to take steps toward a breakup received almost no shareholder support.

Bank of America executives plan to keep investing in technology and selectively expanding its branch presence, but it is urging increasingly restless shareholders to be patient so that it can grow gradually and avoid the pitfalls of banking's recent past.

A new crop of chief innovation, data and what-have-you officers promises to infuse fresh thinking, as banks try to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Some are looking at buying banks or counting on recently announced acquisitions to diversify revenue streams. Others are investing in fee-based businesses and new technologies and all, of course, are trying to keep a lid on expenses.

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