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About a fifth of the $163 million in credit Citi has earned under terms of the 2014 settlement would be considered extra credit. Citi can earn extra credit by doing things such as completing loan modifications early or reducing loan-to-value ratios below certain levels.

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Software problems have recently plagued Bank of New York Mellon, HSBC and the New York Stock Exchange. Thorough testing and new quality standards can help financial institutions weed out weaknesses in their code that could (literally) break the bank.

Some institutions, such as Amalgamated Bank in New York, are voluntarily raising wages for tellers and other workers, while banks in cities such as Seattle and Los Angeles are being forced to pay more by municipal ordinances.
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The San Francisco company hopes to lower its costs by driving out human intervention as much as possible. To get there, it has made the counterintuitive decision to locate its operations staff in one of the country's most expensive cities.

Blockchain technology may soon make the high fees, lengthy transaction times and opacity that have plagued legacy cross-border payments a thing of the past.

The market correction and likely longer timeline for a Fed rate rise have sent some overly optimistic investors to the door, and now prices are closer in line with the fundamentals. That's setting the stage for a bounceback in some of the biggest banks' stocks and may ease pressure on them coming into third-quarter earnings season.

Talented lenders and anxious clients should expect a full-court press from Pennsylvania's community banks as they look to take market share from of the state's newcomer.

Symphony, the instant messaging service supported by fifteen large banks, says it will be ready to roll on Sept. 13 despite the objections of Sen. Elizabeth Warren and regulators who fear its encryption technology will impede supervision.

Marketplace lenders seek to disrupt traditional financial services with online platforms that connect borrowers to investors. But in real estate, this burgeoning sector has taken an approach that seeks to coexist with, rather than supplant, the traditional mortgage market.

A data breach-related court case involving Wyndham hotels and new Defense Department rules governing contractors provide banks some dos and don'ts in bringing vendors' security practices into line.

Even if stock losses cause the Fed to delay tightening, it won't be a catastrophe for banks' future earnings, according to a study of analysts' forecasts. Margins were not expected to balloon even if the Fed did act.
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