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Months after advocating for a blockbuster sale of Comerica, Hudson Executive Capital has slashed its stake in the company, as chatter about a potential deal has fizzled. Still, the firm is credited with pushing the struggling regional bank to adopt a surprisingly aggressive turnaround plan.

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U.S. acquisitions have buoyed profits at Canada’s biggest banks, whose domestic economy is sluggish and possibly on the verge of a housing crisis. The banks are expected to pursue more M&A in the U.S. if that problem persists.

The large custody bank was one of the first U.S. banking firms to embrace robotic process automation. Here's why a 232-year-old institution took a pioneering stance on a new technology.

The latest lending figures show just how prodigious banks' shift from construction to C&I loans has been since the crisis. Yet a hard look at C&I credits, especially their loss rates, raises questions about whether they are safer.

The first commercial mortgage-backed security to comply with "skin in the game" requirements was extremely well received. Market participants credit the way the large banks sponsoring the deal retained the risk – a strategy unavailable to nonbank lenders.

Artificial intelligence has gotten good enough to do some of the more mundane tasks people perform at banks every day. Whether the trend will kill certain job categories entirely or make a lot of dull work more interesting, or both, is an open debate.
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Next month all U.S. banks and credit unions will be required to process speedier payments on the automated clearing house network. Here is what bankers need to know.

The Windy City is littered with small, privately held banks, some of which are looking to sell. Here is an overview of the challenges — and possible solutions — faced by those banks and ones like them in clogged banking markets around the country.
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U.S. Bancorp is the latest big bank to offer an overdraft-free account. Skeptics are questioning how many Americans are benefiting from these products, and want banks to do more to market them.

The spike in the Libor rate is a boon for banks that have lots of floating-rate loans tied to the well-known benchmark. Shifts in money market funds are the driver, with the big question being how long the run will last.

Previous natural disasters in the Gulf region have taught banks like MidSouth, Regions and Hancock how to swing into action to help customers and manage sudden risks.

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