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Monday, October 7, 2013

Over the past year, banks have been bombarded with cyberattacks of all kinds: distributed denial of service, phishing, malware, and wire transfer fraud, to name a few. Who’s attacking the banks and why? What defensive tactics are banks getting better at, and what work has yet to be done? This special report looks at how the cyberthreat landscape has changed.

How and Why the Cyber War on Banks Has Escalated

Is Cyber War Really War?

Wire and Online Banking Fraud Continues to Spike for Businesses

Is Online Data Privacy Possible?

Moving Money Across Borders, Phone to Phone
Bill Barhydt, founder of startup Abra, explains how his company's mobile app uses bitcoin as a payment rail for cross-border remittances while solving the foreign exchange risk and last-mile problem that have hampered adoption of the cryptocurrency.