Renewing The Banking Platform: A Progressive Banking Transformation Holds the Key to Success

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Legacy systems and applications have long been the Achilles heel for banks looking to achieve growth and business agility in dynamic market conditions, predicting customer wants, launching innovative products quickly through all delivery channels, providing a unified and better experience to customers across channels and analyzing swathes of data from multiple sources for deeper customer insights while being compliant to new and strict regulations.

The opportunity costs of not opting for transformation are significant; aside from the benefits of increased agility and efficiency, banks are also placing themselves at risk of failures and system outages by relying on potentially 30-year old technology and the ability to support it.

Bank transformation should be progressive, using carefully staged phases that allow a bank to realize value on each stage of the journey while continuing to operate successfully.

Join American Banker and Oracle for this webinar on demand to understand how Suncorp, a leading bank in Australia, has embarked on a transformation journey replacing its Hogan Systems and other legacy systems with the Oracle Banking Platform. You can also learn how the Oracle Banking Platform enables multiple starting options for a progressive transformation such as Customer Centric Originations, Relationship Pricing or Enterprise Limits and Collateral Management.


Matt Pancino, Chief Information Officer, Suncorp Group
Aubrey Hawes, Senior Director Product Marketing, Oracle

***There is a Q&A session at the end of the presentation.