Ubiquitous Real-Time Payments: Sooner or Later?

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The Federal Reserve Banks have set their sights on modernizing the payments system from end-to-end, focusing on evolving customer payment preferences and in creating a near-real-time payments system that has the ubiquity, safety and convenience of legacy payments networks. After releasing a policy paper last fall, and soliciting comments from the spectrum of payments players, the Fed is preparing a plan of action.

Other countries have already taken steps to enable real-time payments.
-- With the U.S. lagging, does this mean that its slow adoption of real-time payments makes its financial institutions more vulnerable to disruptors?
-- Or would a rapid move toward real-time payments place too much of a burden on banks who already claim to be strapped on resources?

This Web Seminar will discuss what the Fedís research has uncovered and various viewpoints from financial services players on the challenges and opportunities involved in modernizing the payments system.

***There will be a Q&A Session at the end of the presentation.


Kevin Wack
Staff Writer, Consumer Finance
American Banker
Kevin is a California-based reporter who covers the consumer finance industry for American Banker. Over the last six months, he has reported extensively on efforts to move the United States toward ubiquitous real-time payments. Kevin formerly served as American Bankerís Capitol Hill correspondent.


Steve Ledford
Senior Vice President, Product and Strategy, The Clearing House
Steve Ledford is a well-known and highly regarded thought leader the payments industry. At The Clearing House, he works with payments leaders on strategic issues facing our banks today and leads initiatives to address them, such as the future of the ACH. He has advised leading banks, financial services firms and payment organizations in the US and globally for more than 30 years. His work has focused on payments, advising clients on business strategy, product development, IT and infrastructure planning, operations and the deployment of new payment systems.

Elizabeth McQuerry
Senior Director, Glenbrook Partners
Elizabeth has over a decade of experience in developing global payments services. She has worked extensively in retail payments focusing on international remittances, person-to-person, business, and government payments. As the Head of FedGlobal ACH Payments for the Federal Reserve Retail Payments Office, Elizabeth was responsible for developing the programís strategic direction, new product development, and market outreach program. During this period, the availability of international payments via the ACH network grew from 5 to 34 countries. Her experience includes developing new standards for international payments in the ACH network as well as being a founding contributor to the International Payments Framework Association (IPFA), helping to develop a method to simplify the exchange of cross-border payments across disparate formats.

Sean Rodriguez
Senior Vice President, Industry Relations, Federal Reserve System
Sean Rodriguez is the senior vice president responsible for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's payments industry outreach efforts. Additionally, Rodriguez oversees the Federal Reserve System's Financial Services Industry Relations Program. He is responsible for coordinating engagement with payment industry stakeholders, ensuring key industry insights are fully vetted with Chicago District and Federal Reserve System financial services leadership, and marshaling resources to influence payments industry direction that is consistent with the Federal Reserveís refreshed 2012Ė2016 strategic direction.

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