Analytics, Big Data and Threat Intelligence: How Big Data is Transforming Security

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Organizations are leveraging increasing varieties and large volumes of information to gain deeper insight into their business. But most leave security as an afterthought. International fraudsters have honed their tactics and strengthened their arsenals to evade monitoring tools, making intrusion detection a challenge for most organizations. Traditional security measures lack visibility into user behavior, making it hard to proactively and efficiently detect criminals from customers online.

How can big data help institutions strengthen security while increasing ROI? Register for this webinar on demand to learn first-hand:

  • Best practices for building a layered, cost-effective security solution;
  • How to leverage big data for security intelligence and enhanced fraud protection;
  • The power of web session intelligence and behavioral analytics to provide visibility into all web and mobile application traffic

Jason Sloderbeck,
Director of Product Management, RSA

Eric Thompson, Threat Strategist, RSA