New DDA strategies: Balancing growth, risk & regulators

Date: December 1, 2016
Time: 01:00PM ET

As financial institutions strive to optimize their new-account-opening and product placement strategies, balancing the risk of DDA portfolios while meeting regulator’s expectations is vital. As reliance on traditional industry databases evolves, account opening continues to expand to online and mobile channels, and institutions continue to tailor product offering to meet the needs of the consumer, validating identity and risk has become increasingly complex.

In alignment with financial inclusion initiatives, financial institutions are changing the way they are using new account opening solutions to identify customers who qualify for special privileges or for restricted second chance accounts. While we’ve already seen account openings begin to shift away from the branch, Aite Group reports that by 2017, 28% of new accounts will be opened online and 8% will be opened on a mobile device (an anticipated increase of 5% and 2% from 2015, respectively).

Strengthening new-account screening capabilities, particularly to detect identity manipulation and synthetic identities, is of growing importance as application fraud rates continue to rise.

In this webinar, both retail banking and risk leadership executives will gain insight on new DDA strategies as well as advancements in data intelligence to improve digital identity assessment. Join American Banker, Aite Group and Early Warning for insights that may help your financial institution to optimize growth and adapt to the evolving nature of fraud in 2017 and beyond.