The True Paperless Branch

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People have been talking about the paperless branch for years. But it's never happened. Or has it? What does 'going paperless' in the branch really mean? It can mean cutting the amount of paper being printed in half, reducing daily courier runs by 50% and providing immediate availability of customer information across all branches!

Implementing a paperless solution in your institution can deliver big cost savings and it's much more than just branch capture – it can extend to all of the other areas within the branch from teller and ATM transactions to loan origination and new account opening. Join Aite Group and WAUSAU Financial Systems as they present the results of a study among U.S. banks focusing on their paperless strategies and performance and highlight the benefits gained by early adopters of full-fledged paperless solutions.

Attendees will learn about:

- The true state of paperless processes within the branch
- The sources of 'hidden' paper generation
- The risks and problems faced by banks with their remaining paper processes
- The hard benefits early adopters have gained in moving to a fully paperless environment
- The components and benefits of a paperless branch like
- The ways a branch can become more environmentally friendly by eliminating paper and going green!

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