A 2019 decision by Amy Coney Barrett, then a 7th Circuit judge, cited an earlier Supreme Court ruling suggesting a high bar for plaintiffs to claim harm. But other jurists have favored a less onerous standard.
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Twenty of this year’s honorees were among our 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking in 2019, while four — Citizens Bank of Edmond’s Jill Castilla, City National Bank’s Kelly Coffey and JPMorgan Chase’s Lori Beer and Jennifer Piepszak — are former Most Powerful Women to Watch making their debuts here.
September 29
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Many of the women in this year's list are familiar to American Banker readers, including J.P. Morgan's Mary Callahan Erdoes, Fidelity Investmemts' Abigail Johnson and Synchrony Financial's Margaret Keane. Seven honorees are newcomers, including two, Maria Hackley and Ida Liu, from Citigroup.
September 28
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With coronavirus cases on the rise, Hoosier Hills CU in Bedford, Ind., has chosen to temporarily restrict access to its facilities. Observers say other institutions are likely to follow suit eventually, whether they want to or not.
October 27
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An appeals court upheld an 1895 state law that bars paying for rides to voting sites, a move one observer suggested is part of a broader partisan fight to impact voter turnout.
October 26
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While some institutions have held off on staffing up for new projects, many mission-critical positions at the executive level are still being filled. It may take until well into 2021 before normal patterns return.
October 22
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