Armand Massie

Armand Massie is Executive Vice President for the mortgage banking practice of Financial Consulting Corporation. For over 26 years, FCC specializes in providing marketing research, subject matter expertise, operational support and introductions to top leaders of Fortune 500 companies, primarily in the mortgage banking and telecommunications industries. Armand has over thirty years experience in senior leadership roles managing Originations, Processing, Underwriting (Prime, Sub-prime, and Government Mortgages), Audit, and Loan Servicing for Citigroup, Aegis Mortgage and Bank of America. As a result, he understands the cause and effect internal controls, standardized processes, underwriting standards, corporate audit functions, reporting and investor relations have on the business. Like many in the industry, Massie's current focus has been assisting clients in the areas of default management, short sales, deed in lieu and other foreclosure prevention strategies. Massie studied at both Rider University (New Jersey) and the University of North Carolina.