Black boxes begone: Moving forward with AI that’s transparent, explainable and ethical
Black boxes begone: Moving forward with AI that’s transparent, explainable and ethical

Financial companies continue to move forward with AI: in lending, marketing, customer service, fraud detection, anti-money laundering efforts, authentication, cybersecurity, virtual assistants, virtual advice, recruiting, employee training and more.

At the same time, they’re making thoughtful decisions to guide their AI engines carefully. Ensuring that AI-driven lending broadens access to credit to more people, rather than allowing inadvertent discrimination to creep in. Creating chatbots that give customers better answers to their questions without accidentally making mistakes or offending people. Retraining employees to perform new types of work as some tasks they formerly performed get shifted to artificial intelligence software.

BankAI will bring together visionaries, practitioners and business leaders who are working through these questions and finding the sweet spot for artificial intelligence, where it improves products and services and brings efficiencies without creating unintended consequences.

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Interested in Speaking or Sponsoring?
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  1. What is Block|FS?

    • American Bankers’ Block|FS is a day-and-a-half event to learn about the technology and how financial institutions are exploring, and scaling, blockchain solutions; meet leaders in this emerging field and; understand the impact so you can build your business strategy. Hear from industry execs on both strategy and execution, leave prepared to write your plan.

  2. Who are the creators of the event?

    • Block|FS is brought to you by SourceMedia, publishers of American Banker, PaymentsSource, Credit Union Journal and a number of other financial services industry publications.

  3. Who will attend?

    • This event will attract executive decision-makers who are responsible for, or rely on, AI. Attendees will include: Chief Executive Officers, Chief Marketing, Digital, Innovation, Analytics & Data Officers, Vice Presidents & Directors of data or marketing, Chief Marketing or Risk Officers, Vice Presidents & Directors of data, analytics or marketing, Retail Banking Executives and Risk Managers. Line of business leaders for retail banking, payments, consumer credit products, small business and lending.

  4. Where and When?

    • Block|FS will be held November 29-30, 2018 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square, New York City.

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