Digital Banker of the Year 2020

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Please describe the role this executive has played in digital banking technology at this institution in the past 12 months. Entries should emphasize the applicant's role in guiding innovative digital-banking applications from concept to implementation at his or her bank.

Include any notable innovations, figures on customer adoption, and the institution's actual or anticipated return on investment. Describe any hurdles or technical challenges that had to be overcome. If the individual being nominated has played a larger role in advancing the capabilities or adoption of digital banking at the institution or within the industry, please describe any activities related to this.

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To qualify, you must complete all the information on the application form.

Nominations will be reviewed by the American Banker editorial team. Winners will be selected based on their banks' ability to offer their customers top-notch digital banking experiences through the adoption and implementation of various technologies. To be considered, deployments or upgrades to existing offerings must have been rolled out during calendar year 2019.

The honoree(s) will be featured in the June issue of American Banker Magazine and presented with an award at the Digital Banking Conference, December 7-9 in Austin, Texas. Please note that interviews for the feature will be needed, and the bank should be prepared to share details about the project and quantify the impact.