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The Toronto company is testing new software from Cinchy that lets its technology teams visualize how datasets spread across departments might work together to make client referrals or collaborate with fintechs.
The Texas bank is leaning on solutions from Lightico and MANTL to quickly set up accounts and handle loans when customers can’t sign documents in person because of the coronavirus emergency.
Oxygen helps customers obtain business licenses and separate their personal and business lives. Its says its services will be in demand as the pandemic accelerates a shift away from traditional jobs.
Closing loans is just one way BMO Harris and other banks are looking to use online notarization. But there are obstacles to overcome before it becomes standard practice.
Incoming chief Frank Bisignano downplays any pressure to find $1.2 billion in cost cuts promised to shareholders from the acquisition of First Data. Instead he emphasized his track record of producing revenue growth and pledged to keep funding innovation projects.
U.S. Bancorp, Wells Fargo, WSFS and others were already deeply engaged in digital transformations before the coronavirus crisis led them to pivot — quickly.
In announcing its plan to offer a deposit account and debit card in partnership with SoFi, the mobile phone maker suggested that the coronavirus pandemic will accelerate consumers’ adoption of contactless payments.
Stilt, which had already been offering unsecured loans to newcomers to the U.S., is working with technology and banking partners to offer them deposit accounts and debit cards.
Financial institutions have been monitoring workers' productivity at home with tracking software and webcams. Now they're mulling whether to mandate contact-tracing apps, COVID-19 testing and other practices that could raise further privacy issues.
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