Company founded: 2011

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Who We are

CUneXus was founded by financial services veterans determined to transform consumer lending by creating the next generation of data-driven lending and marketing automation solutions for banks and credit unions. Launched in 2014, the company’s cplXpress technology is already leveraged by over 60 financial institutions throughout the U.S. to maximize efficiency and deliver an incomparable “1-click” borrowing experience.

Three Questions for CUneXus:

What makes your company great?

CUneXus' award-winning cplXpress lending automation platform makes it simple for bank and credit union lenders to deliver the personalized, mobile, on-demand borrowing experience that consumers expect. Using advanced ongoing data analysis, cplXpress completely bypasses the traditional loan application process, providing "perpetual loan approval" and instant 1-click access to personalized loan offers at every touchpoint.

What key challenge does it solve?

Banks and credit unions are struggling to keep pace with an increasingly "on-demand" consumer expectation and increased competition from alternative lenders. The CUneXus marketing and lending automation platform enables traditional lenders to leverage captive customer relationships, advanced data analysis and established delivery channels to grow loans, minimize back-office processes, slash funding times, and delight customers with an unparalleled 1-click borrowing experience.

Best success story?

A large US credit union, with over 650k members and $8 billion in assets, implemented CUneXus’ cplXpress marketing and lending automation platform in the fourth quarter of 2016. In the first five months post-launch, the credit union reported a 110% increase in pre-approved loan volume, and attributed a total of over 43k consumer loan originations to the cplXpress platform for over $618 million in new loan commitments.


Dave Buerger, Co-Founder, President & CEO
Darin Chong, Co-Founder & COO

Key Executives

Dave Buerger (CEO), Darin Chong (COO), John Reich (CTO)

Key Investors

CMFG Ventures, Harland Clarke

Key Customers/Clients

Banks and Credit Unions