Company founded: 2013

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Who We are

Datanomers, is an AI company. Our innovation is statistical machines that implements transparency in its prediction – why did the machine predict the way it predicted – so vital for compliance and regulation. Our vision of automation has driven underwriting process efficiency to new heights.

Incarnations of this statistical machine has found wide acceptance in Telecom giants, Financial Institutions and Media Sector. Datanomers spun off from IPsoft ( and is self-funded.

Three Questions for Datanomers:

What makes your company great?

Internet has predictive power - for instance, power to predict loan outcomes. But it is difficult to the Internet with keyword-based search engines.

The vast treasure trove of information on the Internet - comprised of billions of sites, well beyond the social media - has remained inaccessible. Datanomers's Natural Language Processsing (NLP) technology has succeeded in:
o mining the Internet with context-aware search, and
o scoring the retrieved information for actionable intelligence.

The NLP solution mines the Internet to build a credit risk profile; it is called the Financial Risk Profiler (FRP).

What key challenge does it solve?

Banks, large and small, find customer acquisition cost to be a big drain on their balance sheet. The FRP score, that predicts loan outcomes, reduces the customer acquisition cost by:
o prequalifying to prune the marketing list for soliciting business, and
o filtering away some of the bad loan applicants - at the very outset, well before the application hits the underwriting process.

Because of these major advantages, the hit ratio for successful applicants increases, decreasing the acquisition cost.

Best success story?

A small bank, growing phenomenally in UK and Europe as an alternate financier, wanted to decrease its cost significantly for marketing. The fliers it sent out to millions to solicit business cost considerably. They used the FRP score derived from the Internet information to prescreen the list of applicants.

Much to their delight, the prescreening identifies some of the bad applicants. The bank saved considerably by pruninig the marketing list. Customer acquisition cost came down.


Deepak Dube, Ph.D, CEO
Meeta Pandey, Ph.D, Vice President

Key Executive

Deepak Dube

Key Investors


Key Customers/Clients

BizFi, Capital on Tap,Verizon, Microsoft,Telia Sonera, Orange Bank