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Company founded: 2012
Home Captain Realty

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Who We are

Home Captain is a streamlined real estate platform for mortgage lenders to increase their funding rates on pre-qualified/pre-approved home buying customers. We help lenders to create more value and move past price driven sales, provide transparency throughout the home buying journey and improve the customer experience and increase service scores.

Three Questions for Home Captain:

What makes your company great?

Dedicated solutions to increase lenders fund rates and service scores in the purchase driven market through seamless integration with lenders systems, home-buying concierge, proprietary realtor match and scorecard, and aggregated real-time data reporting dashboard. Lenders are able to increase their conversion rate, have transparency throughout the customer journey.

What key challenge does it solve?

Today we have seen the number of purchase applications outnumber the number of refinance applications for the first time since 2008. As interest rates continue to rise, consumers are moving again and there are a number of real estate firms creating in-house mortgage companies.

To remain successful lenders will have to change both the way they buy and work leads. A marketing study shows that most online lenders close only 2-4% of their online generated leads. However, the study also shows that 20-30% of mortgage application ends up into funded loans after 180 days. Lenders are losing out on a significant amount of their customers and this is where Home Captain comes in.

Home Captain is a streamlined real estate platform for mortgage lenders to increase their funding rates on pre-qualified/pre-approved home buying customers while enhancing the customer experience. We integrate with our mortgage lenders and provide homebuying concierge to aid in the customer journey.

Our Real Estate Concierge Team build relationships with the real estate agent and homebuyer, manage their expectations and ensure a smooth transaction so as to improve the overall customer satisfaction and service scores.

Our system is equipped with proprietary realtor match and scorecard so that we are able to pair customers with the best real estate agents from our network of 32,000+ professional real estate agents. Finally, our real-time dashboard reporting allow lender executives to see aggregated data of where their customers are in the journey and the performance of their various lead sources.

Best success story?

Our client was a direct-to-consumer and distributed retail lender which shifted to serving the majority of purchase customers. However, their sole efforts yielded less than favourable funding rates. They chose Home Captain as their real estate technology and services platform for their purchase customers. Home Captain was able to provide within 8 months a 16x increase in their pre-qualification to fund rates and achieve 91 in our overall NPS scores.


Grant Moon, CEO

Key Executives

Grant Moon, CEO
Cindy Clarke
Lisa Sanders
Nazir Tyrewala

Key Investors

Second Century Ventures - NAR

Key Customers/Clients

Home Direct
First Choice
Cardinal Financial