Company founded: 2006

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Who We are

Katabat’s SaaS solution is quickly deployed and eliminates the need for investment in costly and outdated infrastructure. We are reimagining customer experience management by offering the insight, control, and transparency necessary to prove compliance in today’s regulatory environment.

Three Questions for Katabat:

What makes your company great?

When Katabat opened its door's 10 years ago it was ahead of its time, and through organic innovation we intend to stay that way. Our company was cloud-based before that was a Marketing buzz-word, and the Product has remained cutting edge with tools that allow things such as advanced decision making, personalized messaging and customer journey management. One of the pillars of the Katabat culture is our industry expertise. As an organization we consciously target talent with tremoundous experience and success within the Financial Services sector. While our product has some of the strongest features within the industry, we're not limiting ourselves to just what we come up with. We recognize that companies are looking for a best in class offering, and to achieve that there are numerous niche technology providers that are the best at their invidual piece. Instead of competing with everyone across the industry, we've created a core competence around integration and partnering with other industry leaders.

What key challenge does it solve?

The Product we'll be demonstrating: Customer experience, personalizing messaging, fulfillment within customer's preferred channel, integrating the customer and agent conversation

Best success story?

FlexiGroup is an alternative lender that had grown to a point where agent efficiency and errors were impacting their customers' experience. A successful FinTech, they were being inundated with technology solutions. By using Katabat Campaign Management solution they were able to focus on the customer journey; allowing them to sustain an incredible growth trajectory. FlexiGroup has continued to leverage the new solutions that Katabat offers, to the on-going benefit of their customer base.


Ray Peloso, CEO
Kyle Christensen, VP, Marketing and Sales Enablement

Key Executives

Ray Peloso, CEO
Ye Zhang, CTO

Key Customers/Clients

Sallie Mae Bank
Discover Financial Services
US Bank