Darin Chong

Co-Founder & COO, CUneXus
Darin Chong.png
Darin Chong draws from over seventeen years of experience in consumer financial services with expertise in marketing, operations, and project management. He co-conceptualized the Comprehensive Pre-Screened Lending (CPL) strategy that is the mainstay of award-winning CUneXus apps. He has facilitated promotional strategies and consolidated team resources to get results that count. While working in the marketing department of one of the largest and fastest growing credit unions in the United States, he established the market research function along with sophisticated service monitoring programs. He also played an operative role in boosting that company’s commitment to sustainability programs and green practices for both customers and employees. He holds a BA degree from the University of California at Riverside as well as an MBA from California State University, Sonoma. He also enjoys a challenging fairway, mastering a new chord on his guitar, and learning the science behind a distinctive microbrew. Darin and his wife have a pre-teen daughter who usually leads the way in extracurricular activities.