Deepak Dube, Ph.D

CEO, Datanomers
Silhouette 2019 - AMERICAN BANKER
Deepak Dube graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology in 1988 with an MS in Computer science. He received his Doctorate in Computer Science in 1994 in performance modeling of mobile networks. He worked at Bell Labs for over 20 years as a research scientist in wireless networks, working on access technologies. He pioneered Quality of Service for converged networks; his patents and research led to the implementation of voice-video-data networks. Early on, he saw the immense impact intelligent machines would have on society; to see this vision take shape, he founded Datanomers and launched statistical machine learning solutions which led the drive for "automation through machine intelligence." Most recently, he has coupled machine learning with “big data analytics” to roll out advanced technology solutions for better business insights, strategy and execution.