Circeo, powered by Atos

Company founded: 2014

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Who We are

Circeo is the provider of the Loan Factory, platform for retail loans distribution and management. By using SaaS solutions get free of all software investments and infrastructure problems. All retail loan types, all distribution channels, all countries and different business models are included e.g. banks, financial institutions, microcredit, peer-to-peer, brokerage.

Three Questions for Circeo:

What makes your company great?

Specialist technology innovator for the retail loans value chain

What key challenge does it solve?

Hyperagility and innovation - enable customers to create a UNIQUE business model by using a next generation lending software solution which enables all dimensions of the business model to be configured with zero IT coding enabling dynamic innovation in customer experience, products, processes, partnerships and business data.

Our integration partner Atos in North America provides Industrial scale deployment models both SaaS and Business Process as a service, packaged into a simple pay per use model for the lending market

Best success story?

With Unicredit Central Eastern Europe - deliver originations hyperagility, multi-country solution with a more efficient operating model.


Laurent Clerc, President of the Management Board
Kuldip S Chiheru, Strategic GTM Head, Atos Global Financial Services

Key Executives

Mr Laurent Clerc, CEO Circeo

Key Investors


Key Customers/Clients