Digital Banking 2018
Digital Banking 2018

Digital Banking is the leading and largest digital banking event in the industry, covering innovation in financial services for consumer and commercial customers around mobile, digital, AI, payments, RegTech, data, blockchain, API, channel and technology strategies.

Who's Who In Digital Banking
Who's Who In Digital Banking

With 1200+ senior level executives from financial institutions, credit unions and FinTech providers from both the US and around the globe, Digital Banking 2018 will inspire you with exceptional content, live demos, encourage conversations through our various networking opportunities and promises to be an innovative and forward thinking three day event. You will hear from experts in and out of the industry as they share their insights on what the future of digital banking looks like.

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    The Digital Banking program is designed to keep you ahead of an ever changing industry and position you to succeed in tomorrow's banking environment. Year after year, the event is an unqualified success, attracting hundreds of attendees from across the country. Download the brochure today to learn more about what to expect at Digital Banking 2018!

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    The inspiration, innovation and insights that the Digital Banking speaking faculty have to offer are too big to be contained in just one conference! Check out our preview podcast to get a feel for the thought leadership and expertise we’ve got planned for the event.

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Interested in being a sponsor or showcasing a product?
Interested in being a sponsor or showcasing a product?
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Schedule at a Glance
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Empowering lifestyle banking with conversation.

Kasisto, Digital Banking 2018



Company Website:

Questions for Kasisto

Product Name?

Out of the box

What Does It Do?

Out of the box, KAI Banking is fluent in banking so bots and assistants can help customers manage money, track expenses, analyze spending, make payments, and more. With contextual and personalized conversations, they fulfill requests, solve problems, and predict needs in ways that are as natural as texting a friend. KAI-powered bots and assistants help customers do more with data-driven insights and actionable recommendations.

Built with the deepest AI portfolio in the industry, KAI is an agile platform with self-service tools to customize and continually improve consumer experiences and seamlessly add new features. As an SRI International spin-off, Kasisto leverages decades of artificial intelligence research and IP to create a full-stack, scalable, enterprise-ready platform.

The production-tested platform enables financial institutions to:

  • Decrease customer care costs by deflecting and triaging inquiries
  • Acquire new customers and increase the lifetime value of existing customers with contextual offers for products and services
  • Increase brand loyalty with customer financial well-being features
  • Competitively differentiate themselves with entirely new banking experiences and new channels such as Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa
  • Increase brand loyalty with customer financial well-being features
  • Competitively differentiate themselves with entirely new banking experiences and new channels such as Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa

Some of the world's most innovative financial institutions license KAI Banking including DBS Bank, Mastercard, TD Bank, Standard Chartered, Wells Fargo, among others.

What makes your company or product great?

Customer Care - Proven ROI in production with assistants and bots handling 82% of customer requests and inquiries.

  • Reduce the volume of calls with AI
  • Deflect calls with personalized recommendations
  • Qualify inquiries for best live agent handoff
  • Customize care based on channel and/or customer engagement

Digital Banking - Empower banks to create lifestyle banking with AI-powered intelligent conversations

  • Differentiate with compelling customer experiences
  • Increase sales with contextual offers
  • Increase brand loyalty with financial well-being features
  • Acquire new customers via new channels

What Key Challenge Does it Solve?

Consumers expect the same contextual, personalized and predictive experiences from their banks that they enjoy every day with technology and consumer companies they engage with anytime, anywhere. In fact, consumers are looking for banks to do more than just move their money, they want help managing their money. Enter the fintech companies doing just that - creating products and services that help people save, invest and more. The challenge for the financial industry is how quickly they can un-silo their data, unify their channels and identify initial use cases to start this digital transformation towards AI-powered personalized banking.

Best Success Story?

KAI Banking powers the virtual assistant in DBS digibank which breaks ground as India's first mobile-only bank - it's completely paperless, signatureless and branchless banking experience. WIth more than 1.5 million customers, the KAI assistant handles 82% of all customer interactions without human intervention. DBS digibank requires just a fifth of the resources of a traditional bank set-up due to cost-saving features as the virtual assistant powered by KAI Banking.

Key Executives:

• Ruth Brown, COO & Co-Founder
• Dror Oren, CPO & Co-Founder
• Kiran Narsu, CRO
• Sasha Caskey, CTO & Co-Founder

Key Customers/Clients:

DBS Bank
Standard Chartered Bank
TD Bank
Wells Fargo

Key Investors:

Propel Venture Partners
Two Sigma Ventures
Commerce Ventures