KNOWING YOUR CUSTOMER. MONITORING FRAUD. CATCHING MONEY LAUNDERERS. DETECTING FAKE ACCOUNTS. All require sorting through hundreds of thousands, even millions of transactions and other data points, a time consuming task, and an expensive one. US Financial institutions already spend more than $70B annually on compliance, and this is expected to grow to $118B by 2020. These critical activities are therefore primed for the introduction of new technologies like machine learning, blockchain, and especially artificial intelligence.

At American Banker’s RegTech 2018, we’ll hear from practitioners who have streamlined and automated compliance chores, turning that investment into a competitive advantage in the process. We’ll look at some of the newest technologies that help reduce the compliance burden. And we’ll learn what’s coming down the pipe from regulators themselves.

The event brings together the entire regulation and compliance ecosystem, including the aforementioned financial regulators, senior executives responsible for risk, compliance and more at financial institutions, technology vendors, and industry integrators and consultants.

Join us this October 15-16 in NYC at the event last year’s attendees felt was “very thought-provoking“ and “focused on forward looking ideas as opposed to being more reactive, a rarity in the compliance space.” Have a look around our site to learn more about who attends, who will be speaking and what they’ll be covering, the technology providers who will be showcasing their innovative new software, and the phenomenal members of the Advisory Board who help us piece together the most relevant of agendas.

Ready to lock down a seat at the table? The earlier you sign up to attend, the more you save. We look forward to putting on another great event for you... we’ll see you this fall!

Download the Brochure
Download the Brochure
The RegTech program is designed to keep you ahead of an ever changing industry and position you to succeed in tomorrow's banking environment. Download the brochure today to learn more about what to expect at RegTech 2018!

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Featured Speakers
Executive Director, J.P. Morgan
CEO, Kompli Global Assets
CCO, Kompli Global Assets
Legal Analyst/Project Specialist, Civil Litigation Division, Office of the Attorney General
Head of Innovation, HSBC
Executive Vice President & Chief Regulatory Officer, Continuity
CEO, Guppy
Policy & Fintech Reporter, American Banker
Lecturer and Doctoral Law Candidate, UC Berkeley
Director, Head of AML Advisory, FinTech Firms Bitcoin/Blockchain, Barclays Bank
Financial Institutions Lead, Chainalysis
Head of Growth, Ocrolus
The American Banker Conference Team and the RegTech 2018 Advisory Board are hard at work assembling a cutting-edge agenda. Interested in speaking?
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If you're looking to create strategic partnerships you can't afford to miss this event. Our team will help you customize a package based on your needs, allowing you to drive long-term business goals.
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Ready to showcase your solution to the entire audience in a rapid-pace live demo? We’re looking for industry’s leading players to showcase their new products, platforms and innovations.
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Continuity is a leading provider of RegTech solutions helping to automate compliance management for financial institutions of all sizes. Continuity combines regulatory expertise & cloud technology, reducing the cost of regulatory burden.
Kompli-Global uses advanced AI and human expertise identifying the 'bad actors' seeking to utilise your organisation to launder the proceeds of financial crime. We've developed the world’s first multi-jurisdictional, multi-lingual, cost effective EDD search platform discovering comprehensive, accurate adverse and negative information essential to meet regulatory 4MLD & 5MLD compliance. Using traditional search engines? You could be missing >90% of the story.
Pendo Systems is an innovative FinTech company that has built an industry-leading platform capable of transforming unstructured data and turning it into structured datasets that can be fed directly into everything from BPM/RPA systems through to Machine Learning and AI tools. The Pendo Platform enables the recovery and insight extraction from unstructured data in a faster, more accurate, and infinitely repeatable way than has ever been possible. What that means is Pendo can provide information and insights from a range of files and unstructured sources, pulling together data iteratively to build standard structured representations. The platform is capable of ingesting more than two hundred unstructured document types and has enabled a level of transparency into their data our customers have never had.
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