Lauren Johnson

Legal Analyst/Project Specialist, Civil Litigation Division, Office of the Attorney General
Lauren Johnson1
Lauren Johnson is a legal analyst at the Arizona Attorney General’s Office. She is part of the team operating Arizona’s Fintech Sandbox, the first regulatory sandbox in the United States. Since the bill to create the regulatory sandbox was passed in March 2018, she has worked to develop the policies and mechanisms to get the program running by its launch in August 2018. She is currently working with the other members of her team to review applications to the Arizona Sandbox and is well-versed on the newest innovations in the Fintech space as well applicable state and federal regulatory requirements.

Lauren drafted another bill passed during Arizona’s 2018 legislative session that allows corporations to utilize blockchain technology for the storage and transmission of data. She also collaborates internationally on behalf of the Arizona Attorney General's Office with other participants in the Fintech sphere. She is involved with the Office's class action fairness efforts and other high-profile civil matters.

Lauren holds bachelors of science degrees in Political Science and Communication.