Emerging Leaders

Apply to become an Emerging Leaders at Retail Banking’s 2019

What’s in it for me?

The future of retail banking belongs to the digital natives who are just getting started in the industry. American Banker is creating a tailored program for young banking execs who are already influencers in their organizations and have a passion for learning and growth.

Become an Emerging Leader at Retail Banking 2019 to meet peers and mentors, and to see what’s new and exciting outside your own company.

If you are a passionate young executive focused on learning, networking and career growth, apply today for a special Emerging Leader registration rate of $595 at Retail Banking (this will increase to $895 after January 25, 2019). Those selected will not only have full access to the conference but also access to Emerging Leader specific events, including an Emerging Leaders Roundtable Session, a dedicated Emerging Leaders Dinner and a Mentor Pairing Program with volunteers from the general audience or speaking faculty.

Application criteria:

To apply you must meet all of the following criteria. Please be aware we are accepting a maximum of 25 Emerging Leaders. Meeting all of the following is a prerequisite for applying but does not guarantee qualification.

Emerging Leaders must be:

32 years of age or younger
Employed by a credit union or an FDIC insured bank
New to Retail Banking. No past or currently registered attendees will be considered.


For more information contact Julie.Dienes@sourcemedia.com.