Credit Union Summit @ The Small Business Banking Conference

12:15 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
We’re excited to bring back the CU Summit, for small business, business banking, retail/consumer and lending professionals of credit unions. This half-day program is tailored to provide you with insight from industry leading experts. The Credit Union Summit is your best opportunity to position your small business operations for growth and success in 2017. The Summit features a variety of formats designed to provide maximum interaction and an experience that will equip you with practical strategies you can execute upon when you return to the office.

12:15pm-1:00pm - Chairperson’s Opening Remarks and Opening Address
A transformation is underway in the U.S. financial services industry that will have a profound impact on how credit unions do business, how they strategize about their futures and how they collaborate around products, service and information. During this session, Mark will highlight how the financial services business model is changing; how new entrants are disrupting the industry though innovation; how technology is changing the nature of financial services delivery and distribution; and what small businesses need from financial services providers in order to survive and thrive.
Mark Sievewright, CEO, Sievewright & Associates

1:00 pm-1:30pm - Regulations around Business Lending
Nicol Matthews. Chief Operating Officer, Charlotte Metro Federal Credit Union
Mark Cox , President and CEO, Innovative Business Solutions, LLC.

1:30pm-2:00pm - Networking Break

2:00pm-2:30pm - If you want to be in it, to win it
Credit unions and small businesses are inseparable and both a bedrock of the local community. However, there are challenges ahead. Earning the loyalty of small business is not as clear cut as it once was. New fintech companies are quickly and aggressively jockeying to fill the rapidly evolving needs of small businesses. And it’s no wonder. Small business owners are not satisfied with their experiences from their financial institutions. Compounding this for credit unions is the aging demographic of small business owners and their desire to exit to retirement over the next decade.
With this in mind, this presentation will look to the year 2020. How will credit unions build an experience for this next generation of business owners that showcases the credit union difference and address their needs? What will small business owners expect from their financial institution? And are the original credit union principles in fact, the key to the future success in attracting this new generation of small businesses?
Randy Johal, Senior Product Manager, Business Solutions, Digital & Payment Services Division, Central 1 Credit Union

2:30pm-3:00pm - Small Business Lending for Growth and Acquisition
Despite an increasingly competitive financial services environment, credit unions and community banks are gaining market share across a variety of products and services.
Small business loans for most of these financial institutions, however, still comprise a relatively small portion of their lending portfolios, and this is an area that can fuel growth.
During this session, Mike will discuss how technological advances can enable credit unions and community banks to build or expand their digital small business lending footprint.
By acquiring new business accounts and delivering much-needed capital to them, credit unions and community banks can be a strong force in local economic vitality and job growth.
Mike Green, EVP, Sales & Business Development, LASO

3:00pm - Credit Union Summit Concludes