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Company founded: 2012
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Who We are

Your trusted partner for Small Business. 9 Spokes brings together the best online software in one place to give small business owners a powerful decision-making dashboard. Add real value to your service offering and become a technology leader in your industry with 9 Spokes.

Three Questions for 9 Spokes:

What area of financial services does your product target?

The smart dashboard from 9 Spokes is available as a direct model to small businesses and as a white labelled platform that enterprise partners can offer to their small business customer base.

There are 3 focus areas for our customer value proposition:

- A place to buy & research applications for your business

- A single pane of glass to see how your business is running

- Ability to see how you are performing vs other businesses like yours

Direct customers - The 9 Spokes smart dashboard enables small business owners to connect their software to one dynamic interface - giving them a clear overview of their business. It allows management and advisors to access data and new metrics across key areas, from any device at any time. With these insights, it’s easier to make the big decisions to either manage or grow a business.

Enterprise customers – 9 Spokes partner with enterprise businesses to support the small business customer with an simple, game-changing dashboard, powered by the world’s best online software. Enterprise partners also gain the benefit from understanding their customers better as they are able to view the same metrics and insights. Competitive propositions have been technology-led and offer less functionality, with less actionable insight and value to the end customer.

Accountants - An accountant can gain insight into how a client’s business is performing by monitoring the information displayed on the widgets powered by apps connected to that company dashboard and accordingly advise customers on how their business is performing and what they need to do to improve business performance.

• Accountants can create, or have access to, multiple company records via their 9S login credentials.

• Each company they access has its own connections, powered widgets, associated users

• Each user can customise the dashboard for the companies they have access to such that they will have their own unique view of widgets they wish to see on the dashboard.

How do you measure success?

• Growing the small business owner’s customer base

• Ongoing customer feedback on our 9 Spokes product offerings.

What's the biggest challenge facing your market right now?

Cloud adoption for small business owners are still in the early stages and we are cognisant that we need to invest significantly in education to see results

According to recent research done amongst small business owners:

- decision makers are often juggling a lot of responsibilities and 84% say they need quick and constant access to information to help them run their business

- They are very busy; 77% say they wish it were easier to find time to get everything done

- They’re open to new apps and software solutions (68% say their business is very open to new apps and software). However, 51% also say they’re too busy to focus on new technology solutions (they’re too busy to save time!)

Trust and confidence can be a key barrier so trusted advisors play an important role in guiding small business owners to the Cloud. Also usability is key – 76% decision makers view poor usability as the main barriers to adopting new software or app solutions.

The approach we take at 9 Spokes is to break this down into simplify the story and breakdown into bite size pieces based on the buyer journey that lays out what business problem is being addressed, what key metrics (& therefore apps) are required and what action should then be taken.


Chris Simmons, Director, Strategy & Culture
Phil Sheehan, Head of Alliances

Key Executives

Mark Estall, CEO - Co-Founder
Adrian Grant, Co-Founder - Executive Director

Key Customers/Clients

• Direct customers

• Enterprise customers like Barclays, Suncorp, RBC and OCBC

• Accountants