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Who We are

For over 30 years, Baker Hill has been a trusted advisor to financial institutions and relied on to provide solutions and advice to improve lending decisions and operations. Financial institutions have confidence in Baker Hill’s strong industry track record and appreciate its commitment to innovation and technology advancement.

Baker Hill NextGen™ Turnkey Online Loan Application
For banks, small business and commercial lending can be bogged down by tedious application processes, sluggish response times and frequent delays. For businesses seeking funding from their traditional bank, this negatively impacts the customer experience, causing the customer to look elsewhere for a more convenient, faster source of funding. However, by using Baker Hill’s technology to power an online application, banks can close the gaps in their traditionally cumbersome lending processes. These efforts will be critical as business owner demographics shift and more tech-savvy millennials begin to seek business loans.

Baker Hill NextGen™ turnkey online loan application can support these efforts, as the solution empowers financial institutions to offer 24/7 loan application access and capture loan opportunities across multiple devices. The solution saves hours of manual data entry, making it quick and painless for customers to apply for small business loans. At the same time, the tool’s intelligent application process saves hours of manual data entry, significantly reducing the cost of loan origination for the financial institution, resulting in a more profitable business loan portfolio.

By leveraging the Baker Hill NextGen™ turnkey online loan application, today’s financial institutions can take a more customer-centric approach and ultimately, modernize and automate their lending processes to meet market expectations for convenience, speed, and simplicity.

Three Questions for Baker Hill:

What area of financial services does your product target?

Baker Hill NextGen™ is one platform with unlimited solutions. Our product targets many areas of financial services including loan origination, risk management, analytics, relationship management and marketing.

How do you measure success?

We measure success by our clients’ success. We know we are doing what we set out to do if our clients are able to:

• Streamline their loan origination processes to increase loan volume

• Maximize opportunity while minimizing risk within their loan portfolios

• Leverage analytics to strengthen relationships

What's the biggest challenge facing your market right now?

Financial Institutions need to accelerate their adoption of technology, analytics, and process redesign. We help banks and credit unions see a new path to achieving revenue and strategic goals. The need for speed is more important than ever before, as a new banking landscape emerges. New competitors are bringing pressure like never before in margins, products and services. The financial institution that can adapt will win the battle. Speed, mobility and agility will determine the winners in banking.


Mike Horrocks, VP, Marketing
Doug Johnson, Director of Product Management

Key Investors

Privately held and backed by a $4.6B global private equity firm, Baker Hill is a portfolio company of The Riverside Company.

Key Executives

John Deignan, President and CEO
Niles Bay, Chief Operating Officer
Tino Kokkinos, Chief Revenue Officer
Deidra Colvin, Chief Marketing Officer

Key Customers/Clients

Baker Hill currently serves over 500 banks and credit unions, including 20 percent of the top 100 banks and 20 percent of the top 25 credit unions.